The second car that came down the road picked me up. Two middle aged Tahitian women. Awesome. It’s rare when middle aged women pick me up, and so lovely. They are so nice. Especially by comparison because men are so shitty in general. Except for my dad, my grandpa, my brother, and maybe a handful of others. That’s about it though.

Travel note: [if I had room for hate in my heart], I’d say that traveling makes me hate all men, and somehow simultaneously love and feel deep compassion for all people equally. I don’t know how else to say it, but it’s true. Except for progressive places like Sweden, where men respect women. Then everyone’s on equal grounds and gender dissipates into thin air. Where it belongs.

Anyways. The second car that passed picked me up. Two middle aged Tahitian women. I ended up spending the whole weekend with them and meeting the whole family and their pastor and their whole church! I cheeked probably 100 people and remembered most of their names.

I ate REAL food! Sashimi! And ice cream! And banana bread! And then pizza! I swam with snorkeling gear in the reefs and walked to the end of the beach at the famous surfing spot. I walked alone into the jungle where the road becomes a dirt path and the dirt path becomes trail.

I spoke French the whole time. I understood and I was understood. Total magic, because up until this point, I have mostly been barely squeaking by.