Makes more sense than lugging a suitcase full of hard copies on board. I’ve traveled with a suitcase of books before. At the time, it was absolutely necessary, but it was also heavy and awkward.

Ive never read an ebook before. I’ve started to download all the podcasts and ebooks I could ever want. There are enough uncopyrighted books out there that I should get a full satisfying library without having to pay for anything. So I’ve spent the entire morning downloading erotic romance novels, adventure stories, and historic classics. 

I used theses lists as a guide:

NatGeos 100 greatest adventure stories 

Boston Globes seven books about sailing 

Goodreads best books with or about sailing 

Amazons some of the greatest sailing adventures of all time 

I downloaded Moby Dick, everything Tolstoy ever wrote, “roughing it” and “the decay of the art of lying” by mark twain, everything Thoreau ever wrote, journals of James Cook, Jack London, and Joshua Slocum. I downloaded “the worst journey in the world” and “two years before the mast” both of which I’m especially excited about. I downloaded “farthest north” about the man who ventured to the highest latitude ever. I downloaded some yoga and ab exercise guides. I got some books about pirates. And then, of course, a handful of cheap erotic romance novels. And updated my podcast library. All free.

It gives me the feeling of readiness.