Before you get too caught up in what it is that you have to do in a given day, allow yourselves to get the first priority in place for your existence. Set aside what it is that needs to be done or that you simply want to get done, and focus on what it is you want to vibrate. You might even want to put this into your calendars. Why is it so important for you to decide? Because if you do not decide what it is that you want to vibrate in a given day, then someone or something or some force is going to decide for you.

It is part of the process of your evolution to operate in this way, and it is also a part of your manifestation process. So we don’t want you to think about what it is that you want and then base what vibration you choose in order to attract that which you have decided you want. But instead, we are asking you very simply, what is it that you want to emanate? What is it that you want to hold in your being-ness throughout the day? It will have an effect on your manifestations, but more importantly it will dictate how it is that you receive that which comes to you.

All of you have some experiences left to have before you shift into fifth-dimensional beings. And so, given that you will have certain experiences that you signed up for before you incarnated, why not decide how you are going to experience those events by choosing what it is that you would like to put forth into the world no matter what is happening?

Begin this process gently. Do not expect that you will be able to hold your frequency for an entire twenty-four hour period. But let this beginning of the day process be the way that you remind yourselves that you are in fact the ones who are deciding what it is you vibrate and give yourselves that beautiful experience of consciously choosing and then watching what unfolds as a result.

Have a wonderful time with this, because your approach to it is also going to affect what it is that you manifest and how it is you are responding to experiences. We want you to create from that place of wanting to be the vibration, rather than wanting to affect everything else with it. And if you take that approach, there is no possible way that you can get it wrong.