Witnessing yourselves in competition with another, you can see what you are afraid of. If you are competing with another to prove to yourself that you are better, or at the very least good, then you can know that the fear that is driving you is a fear that you are not. When you see yourself in comparison to another, and you are certain that the other is better than you in some way, you confirm your fears.

So there may be teachers that you have heard of who would tell you never to compare or compete. But we would say that if you are comparing and competing with others, at the very least use the experience to shine a light on one of your fears. You may not believe that it is valuable to experience fear or to be aware of that which you are afraid.

But we want you to know that in order for you to shine more of your light and your Love on those aspects of yourselves that feel afraid, it can be a very good idea to root out those fears in the first place. Everything serves you in some way, and competition and comparison are no exception to that rule.

We like seeing you bring more of who you are out when you are competing with one another, and we see the value in that. We also know that comparison can lead to appreciation for someone else and for yourselves. And we know that when you are driven to compete and compare, it is usually coming from a place of feeling lack. And we want you to know that wherever there is lack, there is an opportunity for Love.