A few days ago there was a red door hanging from a tree branch. I rode past it but have regretted not walking through it ever since.

Today, there was a purple door all on it’s own in the middle of a old farm /garden place.

I passed it, and then turned around. I tried to open the door but it was locked. I tried the other side of the door, and it was locked both ways. My bike and I walked around. On the other side was a sign for metaphysical books and such. I looked in the old farm building and it was empty except for a big Persian rug on the concrete floor and some candle holders. I went to the house. I knocked and the door immediately opened so fast it startled me. I went in. I played with the some pendulums. And I picked a tarot card. It was a card that said “ride the wave” meaning I’m on the right path, keep surfing. Okay.

Then it started to rain.