When it started to rain I rode through it and then gave up and hid in someone’s open carport who wasn’t home.

The route was mostly flat but I had to push so so so hard to get here today. I realized I really didn’t sleep well last night and that thing that sniffed and screamed at my head under my tarp was probably a fox.

Despite what I wrote earlier this morning about feeling pretty good or whatever, I’m losing steam….maybe I’m just tired and hangry though.

I’m throwing food down my throat like a pelican in Brockville, Ontario. Also I’m happy crying because I just found out my friends are pregnant. So I’m in this busy diner, covered in rain and sweat and dirty clothes and bike grease; I’m crying, swallowing food nearly whole, and typing this right now. The people at the next table watching me with concern. I’m pretending not to notice.

If I see anyone touching my bike I will seriously protect it like a mother bear and kick them in face. I saw someone trying to go into my motel room from down the lot, I chucked my drink to the ground and ran to them like I was going to cut them. They just mistakenly had the wrong room.

See? Crazy. I’m losing it.

238 more to go.