I carry a bunch of hot sauce packets cuz if you go into most places and ask for hot sauce for your food they look at you funny and say no. I think a couple packets exploded in my backpack though and I’m afraid to survey the damage.

If one more sexist idiot asks me if I’m trying to find myself….ugh. The answer is no, I know and have known exactly who I am for a long time now. Do girls have to be having some sort of existential crisis to go out and experience the world? I guess I can’t be sure, but I’m 90% sure that if I were a dude or part of a couple in the same position, I wouldn’t get that question.

I’m at the socialist pig in Gananoque. This place kinda rules. There’s art everywhere and great coffee. And cute pig figurines all over.

290km to go. Julie told me to chant “Bad. Ass. Mother. Fucker.” With every pedal when times get tough. I’ve been doing something similar but I like that and will probably use it. Really, when times are hard, I just stop. Breathe. Stretch. Drink something. It’s been fine. I’m not in pain. Bike ain’t broke. So times have been actually relatively un-tough. There’s been a few times when I had to sing myself my own song I called, ” life can’t be all that bad when you’re on a bike.”

Day 6 was yesterday. I slept in, got a late start, and decided I was gonna try biking after dark. I drank a energy shot around 7pm. I am so desensitized toward caffeine and I’ve learned to sleep on all kinds of uppers but I ended up deciding to crash at 9 and it was dumb. I considered getting up and just biking more but my body was exhausted even though my mind was awake. There I was, wrapped in my green tarp taco, face covered, watching suburbia on my iPod……and my spidery sense alarm went off. I turned the movie off. There was a mammalian creature between the size of a cat and a dog sniffing around me. Touching my bike. I couldn’t see cuz I was all wrapped up and paralyzed. I still have no idea what the thing was. It was circling me, huffing all my mosquito repellent fumes. Then it made the most terrifying noise ive ever heard. It sounded like the evil cackling laugh of a cartoon villain. Then it made the sound again. Totally paralyzed. It continued to make the noise, but it got more and more distant and even thought I knew the thing had gone somewhere else-ish I still didn’t move except to grab my light in one hand and my knife in the other. I fell asleep like that.

The Mosquitos drove me fucking insane. I used a whole can of Off last night, but I wasn’t cold at all so there’s that.