I met a sweet couple from Virginia cuz I talk to everyone. Their names are Krista and Bob. So now I’m staying in a guest suite in Wellington on Prince Edward Peninsula. It’s pretty nice here, I gotta say.
But there’s a fancy scale in the bathroom and I weighed myself. I weigh the exact same I did a week and 600km ago. This happened in Appalachia too. Ugh.

Yesterday was hot as dickens and there were so many long stretches without trees or any shade. I tried to navigate through a wheat field to find the lake on the other side at some point and just got attacked by bugs and whipped with dried wheat stalks. The earth had a giant crevice in it behind the field and I had to abort the mission, but I kept going and found another beach up the road. It’s the nice part about taking this route on the waterfront trail.

As always, I listen to survivor by Destinys child a lot.

I heard there’s this young Brazilian kid with a giant head bandage on a longboard doing this trail just ahead of me. He skipped the World Cup, and flew to Toronto so he could travel to Montreal on a longboard! I cannot wait to run into him.

I was photographed by Roc Morin for the World Dream Atlas, but I haven’t sent in a dream to accompany it. I’m trying so hard to remember and write down my dreams, but I sleep so hard, that dreaming life is a far distant world from waking life. But it’s coming slowly. I remember a few more bits and pieces every morning.
I’m going to sleep in today.

No injuries or back tire blowouts yet. 400 more km to go.