Part of bike riding really far is never letting it become work. Your attitude should always treat it as fun. Exercise has always been something I had to turn into a competitive game of some sort. At the YMCA gym, I would always watch my stats and make sure I was doing better than whoever was on the machine next to me. So when I’m carrying 30+ pounds (?) in buckets on my back wheels and I pass people uphill in the rain, it’s sooooo delicious to me. It feeds me in ways I can’t satisfy any other way. I hope it’s not coming from a mean-spirited place.

Yesterday I made it to Ajax and I’m staying with my family Paul and Rita; who are without a doubt The Most Magical People in the World. I haven’t figured out how to make my phone work in Canada, so they didn’t know when to expect me, but they had a freaking homemade lemon loaf and made me a giant bowl of arugula salad with fresh homemade garlic dressing. WTF. This woman had her 4 children bathed and dressed in a flash of lightning while making me tea and had my clothes washed and folded on my bed before breakfast this morning. WTF wtf wtf. I slept in a bed. With sheets and blankets and not one, but 3 pillows (!!!!). They made me bacon and waffles this morning. I am so so so so so so unbelievably grateful and at this point their kindness brings tears to my eyes. Ok I’m crying now. This emotional stuff is just part of me being on this trip, but I am seriously so grateful.

Today, the sun emerged, and so will I.

578 km more to go. I’m almost halfway there….sorta.