yesterday was really good but ended poorly because of a flat and then issues with my front tire. the spare tubes I have didn’t fit and here I am, it’s already noon and I’ve barely started for the day and it’s raining.

I haven’t had a car in 10 years. I’ve been riding bikes this whole time- and I’ve never been given so much as a smile or a nod from any of the Lycra mafia. Until……
I bought a pair of cycling gloves yesterday and all of a sudden, every member of the cyclist freak Lycra mafia I pass waves or nods at me like I joined the club.

Sometimes I sit up on my bike and pretend I’m running really fast. Like in Looney tunes when you see the legs turn into cycles before they take off running.

I’ve made a mistake. I like going as fast as possible so I’ve been pushing in high gears instead of switching to low gears and it’s been aggressive on my knees. My knees hurt today, on the expected side of normal. I haven’t injured them or anything. I rested them a bit and took some ibuprofen.

Now I’m gonna go out in this rain but my enthusiasm is low. Hopefully I’ll refill the tank today.