Time to leave

I made my first video diary. Can’t figure out how to upload it though. And I’ve been lying in bed almost all day. Crippled with anxiety. After I finish writing here, I promised myself I’ll go on one last walk. It’s a beautiful day in Hawaii. It’s my last long walk to the botanical gardens- or anywhere- for some time.

We packed everything. I have an old pillow wrapped in a new pillowcase, but if there’s dust mites, they can’t get through a new pillowcase right.

We have so many peas. And only 36 freezie pops. I’m not sure if I will make it. So many goddam peas. Frozen peas, canned peas, French peas. Peas. Peas. Peas. Just 4 cold beers.

Am I punishing myself? Is this trip a huge mistake? Is it too late? …..am I punishing myself for my recent huge lapse of discipline so I’m doing a full turnabout in an imprisoned cell on the ocean?



RadioShack closed down most of their stores recently- so “Marco” went and bought like hundred dollars worth of mechanical parts to toy around with.

And thus, he invented for me a wind-powered vibrater so I don’t have to rely on batteries on the boat. It’s literally a fan/windmill connected to a small motor connected to a vibrater. Go green!

How does one sail for 6 months?

Well. There is a number of ways.

1. There are a huge number of boats that, following the trade winds, go from central/South America – Europe/Africa around April. And vice versa around August. They range from big to small, private to commercial to freight. And you can usually jump aboard most of them by offering to work. Some people even just hitchhike.

2. There’s a growing number of folks who scuttle boats -(squat them). If a boat has broken free from it’s anchorage, you can legally claim it. So many boats are abandoned because their owners just can’t take care of them. I would bet every harbour has at least one boat that’s been abandoned and the manager would like someone to take it out of the slip that’s not being paid for. I’m in Pearl Harbor now in Hawaii, and there’s 4 abandoned boats just of my dock that the harbour would like to see gone. There are at least 4 docks.

3. Get a crew job. Like me. I’m going to French Polynesia and just sailing this retired guys boat around so he can relax and party, which is what I plan to do. I’m more or less only working for the 3 weeks it takes to get down there, the three weeks to get back, and the rest of the time all my expenses are covered.